You Know It’s Autumn When…

Apple and pear ciders predominate at the local farmer’s markets–and nothing goes better with a cold glass of cider than a slice of zucchini bread. Apples of every color and size pile up in quarts and bushels on tables, and light jackets take over flip flops and shorts (mostly, but not always!).

The warm sun picks out shapes and shadows on the ground as you walk along park pathways. Strolls linger for a little bit longer–as crunchy leaves under-foot fill the air with their rustling. Green trees now mingle with autumn shades of tan, yellow, gold, and copper. Leaves fall freely and delicately on the breeze all around.

The last hurrahs of summer materialize in harvest and fall festivals, and while children relish in their last warm weather rumbles and shouts, grown ups pull their sweaters a little bit tighter around them as the sun slides slowly down into a cooler night.

all writing covered by Creative Commons 2009

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