Handwriting and Walk-texting

Do you also feel funny when you face having to write out something at length, by hand? What about those short essay or long essay tests for school, or some notes during a long-ish committee meeting at work? I’ve noticed this pretty much anytime I take notes for more than 5-10 minutes, though sometimes it’s worse than others…

Did you realize that the strain you’re feeling isn’t so much due to the fact we are now pretty much used to typing everything, but it is actually the result of a too-tight grip? According to this story from Lifehacker, it’s all about the vulcan-strength grip, versus the lack of practice. Lighter penmanship saves you from a tired and cramped hand and wrist. Test it out!

And for those of us who can’t part with our texting while locomoting somewhere… here’s the ultimate in walking facilitated texting. Email n Walk allows you to text while seeing through your iPhone’s camera. How about that! ^_^


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