The Pleasures of Re-Reading

I find that as a writer (business, fun, blogs, etc.) the more I read, the more I know what to look for in good writing–either my own or the items that I edit daily as part of my work responsibilities.

My great friend and quasi-mentor* George offered up recently a lovely article (editorial) from the NYTimes, that serves as an affirmation to the benefits of re-reading old standbys and favorites.

With new life experiences, new adventures on our life path every day, who is to say what new lessons or perspectives we can bring to an old, loved story upon a re-read?

*I say quasi-mentor not because George is not a good mentor, by far he’s the best and most intellectually voracious gentleman I know to date…rather, it’s a reflection of my own pursuit of mentorship and good apprenticeship, that’s rather lacking.


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