Audio vs. Paper Books

I’ve tried before, and eventually gave up. I haven’t quite gotten used to audio books.

They require too much of my attention span and I kinda feel it defeats the purpose of freeing up your hands to do other work if I keep tuning the book out because I get busy. This is a conundrum that emerges especially while driving. It’s so dangerous to listen intently instead of driving safely!

Today was the first audio book that I have tried since Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code back a few years ago–just a few weeks before the movie came out. Today’s book was Eat 4 Your Type by Peter D’Adamo, a book entailing a diet and philosophy of a diet filled with nutrients customized and based on your blood type. This is one of those philosophies that, for me, are tricky to believe fundamentally and completely. This diet follows what I consider conjecture and estimates of what our ancestors used to do and eat, in which parts of the world, and what impact these elements have on our genes, health, and weight today…kind of a large stretch if you ask me. This could definitely bring up my concerns about revisionist history and literal Bible followers…but that’s for another post.

I enjoyed listening to this book. At just over two hours long and split into two sections, it made for easy listening. I am a little proud of myself for having acquired it using iTunes…something I’ve just recently begun to do, this purchasing things on iTunes. I usually have, er, different sources for my audio and video (,,, etc.).

This book was useful in that it explained some dietary needs and trends that I’ve seen over my life (such as an obsession with ceviche and fresh produce). Though, as with anything, it’s especially important to bring a grain of salt to the audio-book reading table. I would recommend people who have stable eating habits and know themselves and their nutritional needs, give this book a try, just to hear another perspective on balanced eating. You may learn something useful and that can assist you in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.


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