The Walk

The wires were buzzing loudly.  Electrical pylons sided the prairie pathway on the weedier side. The drizzle and snow mix were making the wires buzz like many ventilators set on low. Barely audible, yet noticeably there.

I was getting soaked. Just a little further, just down to the loop where I can walk it around like a U-turn and then go back home. Back inside where the air is warm and the rainy,  foggy, snowy evening is shut out.

The owl on a nearby tree heard my footsteps and began hooting softly, when I looked up to find his roost he lifted up both wings softly and glided away on the night air.

The road up ahead on the bridge was illuminated by a single light pole, the foggy air surrounding it made the orange glow seem like two arms opening up in a half embrace under the lamp.


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