Writers: Staying Alive, Staying Alive

I’m sure you’ve heard about the doom and gloom predictions for the publishing world. Many mole hills are made into mountains out of those few newspapers and magazines closing shop because of decreasing advertising and subscription dollars. It’s no surprise writers are getting antsy.

Writers are survivors, and I’m here to tell you that writers can definitely stay afloat in today’s hazy market.

As a writer myself, I feel buffeted by news about publishing house restrictions, eBook pricing wars, and folding newspapers. The opportunities and pitfalls of the marketplace have you elated one day at being invited to guest post indefinitely on the local newspaper’s blog, and terrorized the next that yet another publishing proposal fell through for a prized book project.

This blog is going to capture a snapshot of what’s going on out there and translate it into what exactly it means for today’s writers—you and me. If you’re like me, a budding writer and editor, or even if you’re a tried and tempered writing lion in the jungle of ink…you’ll undoubtedly find yourself trying to make sense of what’s going on.

Heads or Tails?

Whatever the cataclysmic forecasts and worrywarts say, I strongly believe that we’re going to be able to feed ourselves from our writing today and in five, ten, or fifteen years—and well beyond.

Each post from now on will focus on a particular current event or news story related to writing or being a writer in today’s market. Feel free to chip in with feedback. I’m particularly looking for different perspectives and hot buttons.

Writers need to flex their writing chops—emphasis on flex and adaptability—in order to survive these uncertain waters. Fine! So who’s in? Curious about what the next model will be? I’m as angry as all heck with the conflicting information and I’m just not going to take this uncertainty anymore! Cheers and here’s to a successful learning opportunity together!


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