Argentina Mulls Over Writers’ Pension

Wouldn’t you love getting a retirement safety net for doing what you love to do best? I certainly would!

Argentina was in the news lately (Argentina Considers Paying Writers Pension, The Guardian), when press caught wind of an initiative the government was mulling over.

For me, living in a country where social security and healthcare are hot buttons, this inspires a lot of hopeful daydreaming of “what if.”

Then of course, comes a little bit of a reality check: “Some analysts said the proposal, coming from a party which supports the president, Cristina Kirchner, appeared linked to her expected run for a second term in October’s election. Recent populist measures include sending trucks with cheaply priced meat to poor neighbourhoods.”

In Latin America there is a great cultural heritage and prestige associated to their famous writers. For some reason, these prolific and famous writers are growing in number there. It would make Argentina rise up in the eyes of overseas observers, as well as within the literary world.

However, how would this impact those less fortunate Argentinians, already struggling to make ends meet? Quite the interesting conundrum this situation–especially since the announcement came out amid Argentina’s famed literary festival.


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