Copywriter: It Dices, it Slices, it even sells tickets

The following job listing embarrasses the HR community by its brazen attempt to add ticket agent work to a copywriter position.

We all know we need to be jack of all trades and play the “team member” role in our jobs — often taking on tasks we had very little idea we would ever take on. Often times getting leftover tasks that more senior team members weaseled out of. But this copywriter job listing by Entertainment Cruises, Inc. on is taking things too far:

“Our Copywriter/Content Coordinator will ensure sufficient coverage of phones and ticketing system and resolution of help desk tickets in order to meet the companies’ Operational Level Agreement and ensuring accurate information to maximize technical operation.”

Then it goes into a description of actual copywriter tasks:

“Essential Functions: Provide copy files for all internal marketing projects including radio scripts, advertising, direct mail, sales collateral, tradeshow materials, promotions, email marketing, online and web initiatives Supports and maintains all brand identities and positions through promotional and marketing messages by using tones and descriptors as defined by graphic standards guidelines Develops and maintains clear, accurate consistent messages that are on-strategy Proof-reads and edits all marketing projects, materials and print proofs as needed during production process.”

The entire listing could have benefited from the services of a copywriter. It’s just a huge, run-on paragraph missing periods and commas every which way you look.

If HR professionals stop taking their intended audiences seriously, not even making the effort, their own seriousness and the companies they represent will be put into question.


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