Discovering: Printers Row Journal

In early 2012 the Chicago Tribune launched a literary membership program that includes a new periodical titled Printers Row JournalI am kicking myself for not having located this wonderful resource sooner!

I recently became acquainted with this effort by reading a series of articles online on the publishing industry based in Chicago, during a personal research project.

A TribNation article (New ways to get Printers Row Journal, the Chicago Tribune’s literary membership program) describes the membership program as follows:

“Printers Row Journal features 24 pages of essays, photos, reviews and criticism, news and commentary from the Chicago Tribune’s best writers and thinkers, as well as impressive guest contributors. Our members have responded enthusiastically to it, and we hope today’s special sample hints at why. ”

Registration and a yearly membership fee of $99 gets you a copy of the journal and tickets to Printers Row Live events. If you are only interested in accessing the digital journal, the subscription fee is a mere $29. Honestly, if you love publishing, books, and reading you should really shell the money out right away and sign up.

There is a demo copy of Printers Row Journal available to give you a taste of the great content published in this channel. One of the participants is journalist Julia Keller, whom I had the pleasure of seeing speak at National-Louis University’s Writers Week one summer day a couple of years ago.

Interested writers can submit their stories online via an easy form.


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