About Writers Staying Afloat

Good writers always manage to stay afloat. Writers are survivors.

My new mission is to delve into what current events in the publishing world directly affect a writer’s bread and butter–and why! Let me tell you, there is A LOT going on!

If you’re anything like me–a budding writer and editor, or even a true and tested lion in the writing jungle–you also want to stay plugged in to what’s going on, and figure out how these dramatic changes impact you and your livelihood as a writer.

If we don’t start better understanding the writing business when we’re starting off, if we don’t stay on top of events and changes…the consequences will come find us sooner or later. There are changes afoot, so snap out of it!

Join me as I document the adventures of being a writer in today’s choppy waters. Want to dive in with me? Let’s take a chance and see what we can learn.

About Jessica D’Amico (jeda21)


I began this blog in 2009. In earlier posts, you can find loosely connected writer self-help posts, tips and tricks for writing, muse management, and vocabulary/grammar improvement. Check the Archive on the side column for more.

I’m a trilingual editor who works as a publication project coordinator by day, and freelance writer, editor, and translator by night. With a side of social media fiend.

I recently completed my Masters in Written Communications from National-Louis University. On the side, I am also a budding apparel designer on Zazzle.com, and own a start-up communications company specializing in writing and translation.

To learn more about me, please see my web site or LinkedIn profile. Feel free to contact me at jeda21 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com with feedback or project opportunities.

This is blog number five out of six total blogs, which, instead of inaugurating on trusty old Blogger, like the others, I’ve decided to dive into via the warm, welcoming waters of WordPress. The learning curve is improving on a daily basis. ^_^;

Thanks for visiting!


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